Benefit from our experience

Our team has extensive experience in the end-to-end loan origination and servicing lifecycle. We assist  lenders and their service providers to define their lending business requirements, consider their process and technology options, and implement loan origination solutions.

Our specialities include:

  • Loan origination process and credit policy design and improvement
  • Loan and security document simplification and automation 
  • Technology strategy and solution selection
  • LIXI strategy and implementation. 

Examples of our past assignments:

  • Assisting a number of greenfield non-conforming lenders to design and implement end-to-end mortgage loan processing and credit policies, including risk-based pricing and in one case, an all-mortgages strategy providing products coverage across the entire borrower/security risk spectrum.
  • Assisting a major bank lender to collect, review and analyse its universe of potential mortgage projects and initiatives, resulting in an agreed project prioritisation matrix based on business value, cost and risk.
  • Assisting a major Australian bank to develop a business case for automating the generation of its suite of mortgage documents.
  • Assisting a title insurer to write the business case for and implement LIXI connectivity to its back-end title insurance system, thereby keeping pace with its competitor.
  • Assisting a leading Australian non-bank lender to evaluate its use of the LIXI standards, and to define its version of the LIXI CAL application schema.
  • Assisting an offshore systems integrator to localise its loan origination platform for the Australian market.